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Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro for video editing

Difference between Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro (FCP) :-

Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro both are video editing software.  That’s make people confused what to learn. What is the best Video editing software to learn? So here are some tips to guide you.

Adobe Premiere Pro :-

Adobe Premiere Pro is a non linear video editing software.  It runs on both Window and Mac OS. You can use it in your Laptop or Desktop PC or on an Apple Mac platform.

Pros : –

  • Adobe Premiere Pro is the popular software for video editing.
  • It runs on both Windows and Mac OS.
  • You can get professional  video editing even in your laptop.
  • It is very user friendly.

Cons :-

  • The quality of editing is not so good.
  • TV  channels/ production houses generally  do not prefer Adobe  Premiere Pro for editing.
  • It takes long rendering time and software crashes quit often.

Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP ) :-

Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP ) is faster, smoother and offers a more flaw lace video editing experience for the user.

Pros : –

  • Final Cut Pro is a high quality video editing software.
  • All digital HD TV channels  prefer Final Cut Pro.
  • FCP is a very stable video editing software.
  • It gives better rendering experience.

Apple Final Cut Pro runs on Apple Operating System and they are installed in Apple computer or laptop. That means Software, OS, Computer all are from same company and we think that’s one more reason why Final Cut Pro is so stable.

Cons :-

  • Final Cut Pro runs only on Apple Mac.
  • Apple Mac  setup  for Final Cut Pro is little bit costly.

Conclusion :-

Hope you got the answer of best video editing software to learn. You can learn both Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. For small budget work you can use Adobe Premiere Pro in your laptop or PC. For HD quality editing or if you want to work in a production house, TV channels you can use Apple Final Cut Pro. But first a person should learn Adobe Premiere Pro and then he or she should go for Apple Final Cut Pro.

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