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Video Editing career in Kolkata

Video Editing career in Kolkata:
Video editing career in Kolkata is demanding and increasing. Different industries are looking for professional video editors.

TV channels, Film & mega serial production studios, Corporate and even wedding managers need video editors.

If you are a person looking for fame and appreciation with a bright career then a skilled education like Film and Video Editing with motion graphics can give you an interesting option.

Some of the job options those are in demand for a professional FCP video editor in Kolkata mentioned below:

Creative Wedding Videos :
As the time changing, so does the choice of young couples. These days, wedding couples often like to map their romantic journey on a creative video filmer.

Pre and Post – wedding shoots and video filmers are very common these days even at big fat price tags.

So, creative video editing is a very lucrative career options for newbie video editors.

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News Video Editing:

We follow events and news on T.V. Channels that goes around us and keep us updated.

But, have you ever wondered that who are behind the scenes, they are peoples just like you and me. The News Video editors are the ones who make presentations so meaningful and useful.

In these channels, Apple’s Final Cut Pro is preferred for editing news.

These professionals set-ups can be found at IMAGIC Institute where students are trained according to the professional requirements mentored by industry experts.

Creating Content based Videos for Websites:

You can’t deny that internet is racing ahead unlike any other medium before, so does its career opportunity.

These days many websites asks for video editors for making smart and creative presentations on e-educational projects. Lifestyle website requires comparative review videos, these days many government projects asks for video editors for promotional or demonstration videos.

In the above mentioned job categories, a creative, skilled and a sincere editor can earn good money as s/he improves along with time and experiences.

Software to learn

Adobe Premier

Final Cut Pro in Apple Mac

Adobe After FX

Who can join?

Anybody can join at anytime. Qualification, age is not a problem
If you have any further queries regarding careers in video editing, contact IMAGIC Institute for a personalized career guidance at 8981472170 or click here.

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  1. milan kumar pradhan says:

    I want a job video editing

    1. Abhishek Bhattacharjee says:

      I have knowledge in adobe premiere, after effect, photoshop, corel draw, illustrator along with FCP. I am fresher. Looking & apply for a job.


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