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Who Can join Animation Course?

Who Can join Animation Course? Is it suitable for me? Can I start a career in Animation? Yes, all these doubts starts pouring in mind as we have a very few knowledgeable person in our society. Though it becoming a demanding career each day but as it is new career option to many of us so we need a proper guidance to clear our doubts. Though IMAGIC is a right place to clear all your doubts  free of cost what we are already doing since 2010 but still here we have given some answers of common doubts to read before reaching IMAGIC. Keep reading……………..

Some common doubts about Multimedia and Animation :-

  • Minimum qualification needed to learn Multimedia and Animation –

Multimedia and Animation is a creative field. The person with creative mind becomes more successful in this field. No one is going to ask their qualification, rather than their work. So anyone who is interested  can learn Multimedia and Animation. No prior knowledge needed for that.

  • What is the right time to start learning Multimedia and Animation ?

Every moment is the right moment to start learning Multimedia and Animation.  Age is just a number only. If a person is creative and interested to learn Multimedia and Animation he or she can start learning whether he or she is 16 years old or 4o years old. We can suggest you to start learning at least  when you are in college so that you can gain experience while pursuing your degree. So that you can get a job earlier just after finishing your Graduation.

  • Is it very expensive? Can I afford it?

No it is not so expensive. You can start learning with a fees of  7500/- per month. So anyone can afford it. It does not cost you few lakh.

  • Is it necessary to have a high configuration Laptop or Desktop?

High configuration Laptop and Desktop is not necessary to learn Multimedia and Animation.

  • Career opportunities –

Multimedia and Animation is a high demanding career. There is a huge demand. You can do job or freelancing. Get some job ideas here.

  • Is it necessary to know drawing for Multimedia and Animation?

It is not necessary to know drawing for Multimedia. Only in case of 2D Animation basic knowledge of drawing needed.

  • Salary and Placement –

Salary depends on their experience and quality of work. In Kolkata, in India Multimedia and 2D Animation is very demanding. A person who learn Multimedia and Animation he or she can work all over India and abroad also.

Hope you have cleared your doubts. Click here now to know about course details.

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