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2D Animation or 3D Animation what should I learn?

2D Animation or 3D Animation what should I learn? 

Animation :-

Remember those childhood days when we all used to sit in front of our television to watch cartoons like The Jungle Book, Tom and Jerry, Duck Tales, Scooby Doo etc. These Animated series and films are created by Animators. There are huge demands for Animators for such cartoons, E-learning contents, Corporate promotions etc. But people get confused which animation they should learn 2D Animation or 3D Animation. That is why here we are discussing about Animation and which is suitable for students to start their career.

  • What is 2D Animation ?

2D Animation creates movement in a two- dimensional artistic space. It focuses on creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in two- dimensional environments. 2D Animation is the oldest form of commercial animation. Few 2D Animation movies are The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Little Mermaid etc. Also few cartoons like Duck Tails, The jungle Book, Tom and Jerry which are most popular are 2D Animation cartoons. Even in Kolkata also 2D Animation is very popular. Few Bengali 2D Animated cartoons are Batul The Great, Hadabhoda, Thakurmar Jhuli, Nonte Phonte etc. Also TV channels regularly show some 2D Animations.

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  • What is 3D Animation ?

3D Animation is a process of generating three – dimensional moving images in a digital environment. 3D Animation is a type of animation that uses computer generated images to create animated scenes. Compared to 2D Animation, 3D Animation has much more depth, and it looks much more realistic. Few 3D Animation movies are The Incredible, WALL-E, Kung Fu Panda, The Ant Bully, The Adventures of Tintin, The Good Dinosaur etc.

2D Animation or 3D Animation which is better for students?

Students really get confused over 2D or 3D animation they should learn.  There is a demand for both 2D/3D Animation but you need to consider some more factors. Few reasons are there:-

  • Job demands is much higher in 2D Animation rather than 3D Animation in Kolkata and Eastern Region of India.
  • 2D Animation is less expensive and take less time to learn. While 3D animation is very much expensive.
  • For 3D Animation we need very high configuration machines but for 2D Animation normal computer is enough.
  • There are very good freelancing job opportunities for 2D Animator, and Digital Artists.
  • Now-a-days schools are also using E-learning to teach their students and for that 2D Animation they are using. That is why companies need 2D Animators.

These are the reasons why a student can prefer to learn 2D Animation rather than 3D Animation in Kolkata.  But if a person want to work outside Kolkata he/she can learn 3D Animation. For job and freelancing in Kolkata 2D Animation is the most demanding.

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2D Animation as a career

2D Animation Career in Kolkata :-

2D Animation career is a very demanding option for those who loves drawing and painting. You can get Job or freelancing. Every child is fond of 2D movies. Apart from that E-learning contents are developed in 2D Animation. Even advertisements, product demonstration etc are produced with the help of 2D Animation. That’s why demand for 2D Animator and background artist are increasing rapidly.

2D Animation is very popular to every generation. Not only children but adult people also loves 2D Animated pictures, cartoons. Some famous 2D Animated cartoons which people love watching anytime are Tom And Jerry, The Jungle Book, Duck Tales, Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo etc. In Bengali also we have some popular 2D Animations like Bantul the Great, Thakumar Jhuli, Nante Phonte etc.

There are many career options in this field. Let’s see what kind of career options in 2D Animation you can have.

Pre Production :-

We enjoy watching 2D Animation. But we go through a long process before a movie is produced. You need the skill of little bit drawing and some software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash etc.

  • First we prepare a story board
  • Then we create 2D characters
  • Also digital background or scenes are produced as per the story board
Career options:-

So, there are some career options in pre-production part. They are-

  • Story board
  • Character Artist
  • Background Artist

It takes about 4 months to learn all the above things and you can start your earning also. To learn click here.

Production :-

In this process we animate the whole story. Adobe Flash is mainly used for it.

  • Animate the characters
  • Lip sync to audio
  • Camera animation of scenes
Career Options:-
  • Digital Animator

It takes about 4 months to learn all the above things and you can start your earning also. To learn click here.

Post Production :-

This is the final stage. At this stage we have the nearly-finished animation, it’s time to get the vocals just right. Your voice actors can see the final scene, their characters’ expressions, and the timing you want in your final shot. Here we edit , compose to get the final animated movie. We use Adobe Premier, Adobe Audition, Adobe After FX etc. software.

In this process

  • We add sound effects where appropriate
  • Then we cut the film into our final vision
  • At last we add our polishing touches, like effects, transitions, and color correction
Career Options:-
  • Compositor
  • Editor

It takes about 4 months to learn all the above things and you can start your earning also. To learn click here.

If a person have the whole knowledge about pre-production, production and post-production he or she can become a group leader or a manager of the whole project.