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Web Design Course in Kolkata

Web Design Course in Kolkata

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Website Design and Development Course Overview

Web Design Course in Kolkata

Web Design Course in Kolkata offered by IMAGIC is 100% Job oriented course. Certificate and Job placement is available after completion of each semester of Web Design Course and web development course. Student can join directly any semester as per their need. IMAGIC has web design training and website development training.

IMAGIC Website Designing and Development course will make you ready for website designing and development job and/or freelancing in Kolkata. Completing all semesters are not mandatory. Student will get certificate and job offer after completing any 6 months semester.

Students get personalized guidance as Web design and development course are taught in very small batches by experienced faculties. IMAGIC is also very well located adjacent to Chandni Chowk metro near Esplanade in Kolkata.

What will you learn in Website Designing and Development Course

  • Website designing and development of front end in 1st Semester. Here you will learn how to make a website design in Photoshop and convert it to HTML. Then uploading website into server to make it live.
  • Responsive website development , SEO concept in 2nd semester. You will learn to make your responsive so that it become device friendly. Website will adjust itself as per the device screen size like mobile, tab, laptop, desktop etc. Also your website will be Search Engine Optimized so that it easily became searchable in Google.
  • Dynamic website development with word-press and PHP in 3rd semester. You can make website with a good user friendly back end and content management system so that anybody can manage it’s contents very easily.

Students can directly join any semester as per their need. Completing all semesters are not compulsory. Certificate and job assistance is available after each semester.

Software for website design and development :-

  1. Photoshop
  2. Illustrator
  3. Flash
  4. Dreamweaver
  5. Notepad++
  6. Xampp
  7. Filezilla

Web Design Video Tutorial :-

Download the file and run on your machine.

Technical Details :-

Website designing and development needs lots of software and techniques to learn, here is just an overall view.

  • Basic HTML
  1. Hyperlink, 2. Forms, 3. Table, 4. Menu, 5. Button, 6. Image
  • Use of CSS
  1. Color, 2. Font, 3. Width, 4. Height
  • Photoshop
  1. Image Editing, 2. Measurement of Text, 3. Alignment
  • JavaScript
  1. Basic, 2. String, 3. Array, 4. Function
  • Jquery
  1. Add/Remove, 2. Slider, 3. Light box, 4. Sticky Header, 5. Scrolling Function
  • HTML5
  1. New Elements, 2. Canvas, 3. Geo-location, 4. Video/Audio
  • CSS3
  1. Transition, 2. Animation, 3. Rotate, 4. Skew, 5. Transform
  • Responsive
  1. Tablet Supported, 2. Mobile Supported, 3. Browser Checking
  1. Grid System, 2. Responsive, 3. Multiple j query, 4. Components
  • PHP
  1. Word-press, 2. MySQL, 3. Create Theme, 4. Create custom design, 4. Plugins, 5. Dynamic Website

Live Projects

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Website Design and development Job opportunities

Web Design Course in Kolkata is very much in demand because of it’s job demand. Web designers and web developers are always in good demand. IMAGIC offers 100% placement support after course completion.

Want to know more about Job opportunities. Click here


Semester -1( 6 Months)
  1. Web page Designing in Photoshop and HTML Coding.
  2. Dreamweaver
  3. CSS 2.0 structure
  4. Basic JavaScript Application
  5. Web 2.0 based design
  6. Web Template creation
  7. Site Management
  8. Off-line and On-line concept
  9. FTP module & ROOT concept etc.
  10. Final Project (Designing your own site) to design, develop and uploading your website in server to make it live.
Semester -2 ( 6 Months)
  1. Develop responsive website.
  2. HTML 5
  3. Web 3.0
  4. Designing with CSS 3.0
  5. Advance JavaScript application
  6. J Query module & animations
  7. Boot strap
  8. SEO concepts
  9. Final Project
Semester -3 ( 6 Months)
  1. Develop Dynamic Website with back end in WordPress.
  2. Web Development Concept
  3. Different Web Server System
  4. PHP
  5. MY-SQL support
  6. Off-line server system
  7. Server site Application
  8. Database development
  9. Frontend & Backend development
  10. Designing your own CMS theme
  11. Third party CMS module
  12. Final Project

Students Placed

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  1. Rammoy Ghosh says:

    Hi, I’m Rammoy. I’m learning Website Designing from Imagic Institute. I am very much satisfied.My faculty gives me very personalized and professional guidance.


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Start On 04-12-2017
Duration 6 Months X 3 Semester
Eligibility 10+2
Branch Chandni, Kolkata
Seat avaiable 6

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