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Angular JS course

ANGULAR JS training in Kolkata

Get Professional Angular JS training in Kolkata at IMAGIC Institute in Esplanade. This course specially designed to help you learn AngularJS as quickly and efficiently as possible within a very short time. Highly experienced professional web designer will teach you Angular Js in small batches.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a open source JavaScript based front end web application framework maintained by Google and a community. It is completely free and used by thousands of developers all over the world.


  • Basic Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of CSS and some programming logic is desired.


Course Duration – 1.5 months ( Saturday, Sunday classes)

Eligibility- Graduate, Knowledge in HTML, CSS

Call – 8981472170 for FREE Demo class


  • Basic info about JavaScript MVC framework  with Angularjs.
  • Environment setup  for Angular JS
  • Single page  web  application using AngularJs.
  • How to  create
  • Two way data binding.
  • How to write directives, custom filters, custom services etc.
  • Communication with back-end or server using Angularjs.
  • Data fetching and data send to server. And Data Create, Update, Delete using Angularjs.
  • Will be create  Modern real life Project (As per high demand in IT Industry) and deployed in server so anyone can view your work from anywhere.



  • Angularjs Info.
  • Angularjs Expressings
  • Angularjs connection with HTML
  • Angularjs ng-app
  • Angularjs modules import
  • Angularjs ng-controller setup
  • Angularjs $scope


Module 1

  • What is Angularjs controller
  • How controller communicate with HTML
  • How to use multiple controllers
  • How to put logic in controller
  • Sharing data withing controllers


Module 2

  • How Angularjs Module works
  • Angularjs $scope
  • Angularjs two way data binding
  • How to utilise 3rd party modules


Module 3

  • Angularjs filter
  • How to create your own custom filter
  • Utilization of custom filters


Module 4

  • Angularjs Services
  • Angularjs http setup and server communication
  • Angularjs http get
  • Angularjs http post


Module 5

  • AngularJs Table
  • Angularjs Table with ng-repeat
  • Angularjs create, Update and delete table data
  • Angularjs Table with searching and sorting table data.
  • Angularjs Table with pagination


Module 6

  • Angularjs form
  • Angularjs select,radio,input,dropdown etc
  • Angularjs form validation


Module 7

  • Angularjs routing


Module 8

  • Single page application  deployment into server.

Call – 8981472170 / 6291939941 for FREE Demo class

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Start On 02-03-2019
Duration 1.5 Months
Eligibility Knowledge in HTML, CSS
Branch Chandni
Seat available 4

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