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Web Development Course in Kolkata

Welcome to IMAGIC where you can learn Web Development Course in Kolkata. We are a leading Web Development training center near Chandni Chowk metro station, Esplanade in Kolkata. With more than 8 years of experience in the industry, we have successfully trained and secured placement opportunities for individuals. Students or professionals having prior knowledge of web design, CSS3, HTML5 and J query reached out to us to upgrade their skills in Website Development .

Anyone willing to capitalize on this highly lucrative career choice (i.e. web development) should ideally seek assistance from us. As one of the most reputed centers offering Web development course in kolkata, we ensure that our students are exposed to the latest demands of web development.

Understanding the nuances of various aspects of web development including e-commerce web development, dynamic websites, WordPress, back-end Content Management system, online web applications, PHP / MySQL and client server side programming languages is crucial to career growth. However, it should be noted that the in-depth knowledge of the various nuances of web development cannot really be attained in a short period of time (in just 3 months or so). There is no dearth of institutes that would want you to believe otherwise—and there are students who are consistently committing the mistake of joining these centers in a bid to pick up tricks fast. However, certificates attained from these centers don’t facilitate your job search.

IMAGIC’s 6-month long course will acquaint you with nuances of Web development thereby making you industry-ready. Our distinguished faculty has been largely successful in steering our unprecedented reputation in the industry.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to cater to diverse needs and inclination of aspiring developers. Here’s a look at the same:


We offer the best Web development course in kolkata and at the heart of our training program is PHP—one of the most popular programming languages. As a student you will have sufficient exposure to the history of the language, the different types of operators, ways to include files in PHP, the core functions of the language and its usability, cookie, sessions, sending e-mails using the language and other details:

    1. Syntax
    2. Variables
    3. Echo
    4. Data Types
    5. Operators
    6. If…Else
    7. While Loop
    8. For Loop
    9. Functions
    10. Arrays
    11. Date & Time
    12. Forms
      • Form Handling
      • Form validation
      • Form Required
      • Form Email
      • Form Complete

MySQL Database

Learn the basics of MySQL – like what it actually is and how it is different from Oracle, the general data types, DROP and database table, FOREIGN KEY, PRIMARY Key and other nuances as the ones mentioned below:

    1. Connect to database
    2. Create table
    3. Delete table
    4. Modify table
    5. Insert & Update data of a table
    6. Create relationship between tables
    7. SQL Query


WordPress has long been touted as the numero uno CMS or content management system. It covers more than 50% of all sites across the globe. Our teachers have sagaciously devised a purposeful curriculum for those seeking WordPress training. As a premier web development training institute in kolkata, we will help you get yourself acquainted with the following aspects of WordPress

    1. Introduction
    2. Installation of WP
    3. Theme Installation & customization
    4. Page Management
    5. Post Management
    6. Widget Creation
    7. Menu Creation
    8. Plugin Management
    9. Manage File Structure
    10. Manage Page Template
    11. Handling Functions
    12. Maintain security


Leave it on our credentialed coaches to explain to you the way Woo-commerce websites actually work, why this open source project is well poised to gain unprecedented popularity, how it’s used and various components defining Woo-commerce websites.

    1. Install woo-commerce theme
    2. Install woo-commerce Plugin & setup
    3. Manage Settings
    4. Product Management
    5. Order Management
    6. Account Management
    7. Manage Payment Gateway


Our students are our proudest campaigners and as one of the leading centers providing web development training in kolkata, we are committed to living up to their trust. Besides the aforementioned aspects of web development we help you secure hands-on experience on live international projects. Our experts will guide you regarding ways to make projects live, edit them, upload projects on live folder and other such aspects.

Other Important Details of the Course –

Course duration – 6 months

Qualification – 10+2 (With knowledge in web design)

Course fee – monthly installments

Class – 3 days a week (We have weekend Saturday / Sunday batch for working people)

Job placement – Job placement after course completion and freelancing opportunities available. To know more about Job Placement please Click Here

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  1. Rammoy Ghosh says:

    Hi, I’m Rammoy. I’m learning Website Designing from Imagic Institute. I am very much satisfied.My faculty gives me very personalized and professional guidance.

  2. EiBS says:

    It’s very informative post.Thank you so much for giving such valuable information.I’m also learning website designing


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Start On 10-11-2018
Duration 6 Months
Eligibility 10+2
Branch Chandni, Kolkata
Seat available 6

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