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Mumbai Dabbawala

Logo Design for Mumbai Dabbawala

Logo Design for Mumbai Dabbawala
Grab the opportunity to design a logo for “Mumbai Dabbawala“. Let your designed logo be their pride and win a cash prize of Rs. 8,000.
To participate visit

127 Years old supply chain, Six sigma certificate trust, The Lifeline For Mumbaikers Daily Lunch “Mumbai Dabbawalas” have associated with WhatsurSkill and have come up with their most innovative idea, where they are seeking designs from country’s talented designer’s junk.A 15 days logo designing competition for Mumbai Dabbawalas hosted to all sets of designers and free to participate which has started on 16th of May 2017 at and will be running non-stop (just like dabbawalas) until 30th May 2017.The winner will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 8,000/- and participation certificate to all designers. The winning logo which will join the ARMY of Dabbawalas’ minimalist life living along with A Long Wooden Cradle, Bicycles, and a Gandhi cap they wear to work.
For any other queries, feel free to contact Mr. Mohit Jain at 7667097350.


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